Death of a legend and Mahanama’s rise to stardom

Roshan Mahanama when he first won the Observer Schoolboy Cricketer title in 1983   |   Roshan Mahanama at his recent book launch

When I was writing my weekly column on the Observer-SLT School Cricketers, there came the shocking news - the death of a sports news legend. It was saddening to learn of the death of former Deputy Editor and long-standing Sports Editor of the Sunday Observer A. C. De Silva, a well-known Thomian and former water polo referee. He was the Sports Editor of the Sunday Observer even at the time I began my journalistic career exactly 35 years on April 16, 1987. He passed away on Thursday at the age of 80. He played a leading role in the Observer Schoolboy Cricketer since its inception in1979.

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Sunday Observer: 10.04.2022